Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ooh La La

Last week after my class, I ran into one of my students, a 27-year-old German who dropped out of my class last year, after writing me a long email explaining he had to quit school for a while due to his depression and telling me how much he liked my lessons and thanked me.

So I was very glad to see him back at school. But he blushed when he saw me, then mumbled something like “nice dress,” and blushed even more.

Yuk, my student! So I had to put my stern professor look on and quickly inquired about his mental state, job and study.

The other day, one of my students sent me an SMS saying, “I have a big problem. Please help me!” Although she is only 18, she is smart, funny and very sensible. I’m really proud of her. So you can imagine how worried I was when I got her SMS.

I replied immediately. But she didn’t answer until that evening, saying she had solved the problem herself, and she would tell me all about it next time we meet, although she was afraid it was rather embarrassing.

Of course I was relieved. But I was also very glad that she had asked me for help. Now I can’t wait to hear her story!

Yesterday another student suddenly called to tell me she just got a job offer from a well-known company. I was so happy for her, because I encouraged her to have a big dream and helped her to write the application letter for that job. We agreed to celebrate at my favorite ice cream shop next week!

This week, we had the midterm. Before the exam, I explained the rules, and told them each mistake will cost 5 points deduction. And then a French student asked me if they could have one  “free” mistake.

I carefully considered his suggestion, but had to say no eventually, since it wouldn’t be fair for those students who didn’t make any mistakes.

But I like his way of thinking, and I love the fact that he knows it is OK to bargain with me!

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