Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hypnotize U

Many people like watching airplanes and trains in action, or animals chasing and killing each other, or other people fighting for a ridiculously small ball (comparing with their body sizes).

Do those things excite you too? Well sorry, not me. I like to observe, but only when there are some human stories involved, for example, how people are dressed, how they carry themselves, and how they connect or disconnect with each other.

I suppose there are 2 different kinds of watching, the brainless kind and the brainy kind. Personally I prefer not to be anesthetized either emotionally or rationally.

One of the most popular past-times in the coupledom is watching videos in their living room together. I have nothing against it, but I often wonder if that's the best way to avoid fights.

Although we all use movies or music to help us unwind sometimes, I can never fall asleep while doing it. My brain simply refuses to be switched off that way! Imagine what you might miss!!

Maybe that's why I can never stand crappy movies or noises pretending to be music. Passive viewing/listening is just so not my thing!

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