Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Underneath Your Clothes


When I was a little girl, I used to try on my mum’s clothes secretly, like all the other little girls. But I also itemized and catalogued all my clothes, coordinated the outfits and documented all the different arrangements. Well you can see the true nerd in making…

Many Japanese read fashion magazines religiously, men and women. Female models in Japan are often cute, rather than beautiful. And there are many half-Caucasian female models here. For Japanese, somehow clothes look more expensive and desirable if the body wearing them has a white face attached.

But Japanese male models often resemble stick insects and are more feminine than Marylyn Meroe. If you have never read any Japanese men’s fashion magazine, it’s strongly recommended to go out and buy one immediately, to experience some serious entertainment.

I don’t read any fashion magazines usually. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy watching beautiful people and I love fashion, but I want real fashion on real people, which is why people-watching is my favorite sport.

Although reading fashion magazines is considered normal, the funny thing is some men find women's magazines fascinating and read them regularly while most women never touch men's magazines.

Of course we all agree that female form is way more superior, but a man simply doesn’t need to look that good, as long as he has certain qualities such as brains, money, or preferably both. And for a woman, the social pressure is on her to look gorgeous all the time. Just read those glittering magazines, you will see looks are still everything we want from a woman.

When can we see a fashion magazine for full-figured women here in Japan?

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