Thursday, May 3, 2012

Love And Marriage

Love and marriage, is it true that you can’t have one without the other?

After my divorce 2 years ago, I promised myself that I would treat myself better next time – if there is ever next time, and find someone I love, instead of someone I think I could learn to love.

But what’s love got to do with marriage anyway? Is it really just an illusion if you try to separate them? Well then does it mean that most married couples are living in an illusion? And how about love without any commitment or God forbid, marriage?

I’ve been thinking about marriage as an institution. Most European friends I know keep a safe distance away from marriage. But on this side of the world, Asians and North Americans tend to have a friendlier attitude towards it.

However, whether or not you believe in it, the divorce rate is increasing every year. More and more people remain single - even though they are not 100% happy about it.

I think one solution is to revive the system of arranged marriage, ban disgraceful divorces and extramarital affairs, and welcome back the Age of Innocence. No more emotional baggage. No more trust issues. One marriage for life, for better or for worse. How wonderfully simple!

To ensure a successful marriage, I am going to unite all my scientist friends and together we will try to develop a formula to bring all the lonesome souls together. We will quantify everything and document all the available data to determine the perfect equation based on every possible analysis such as genetic, social, cultural, physical, and psychological studies on each individual.

Once we have a workable hypothesis, we will then need volunteers for our experiment. Of course our good scientists will bravely scarify themselves for science’s sake. After we finalize the formula, we will then give it away for free. Whoever wants to find his soul mate can use it. 

Look, anything is better than the current situation where people are searching in the dark and do it through trial and error. Don’t you agree?

Let us help you!!!

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Christian said...

Marriage is a outdated concept invented aeons ago for people who cannot care for themselves. Is it not romantic enough you think? Romance stays as long as you you can make it possible, and is completely unrelated to marriage, committment, a family or ... love, it is a biological impuls for recreation, a chemical button in your body that makes you wanna be with somebody.
When you decide to form a family it is like forming a company, a manager job with a partner you can trust. If paperwork is needed depends on the trust, not the other way round. You cannot buy or force trust.You can find many soulmates, usually they are friends, and as everything, they are changing with time and even soulmates can stop to be soulmates. Everything changes with time and to make the change better depends entirely on us, not on others. Happyness first comes from within, and then you have to give it to others to get some of it back. Endless wining never accomplishes anything, I now that from experience. So stick to step one, then the others steps will come eventually... I can tell, it works for me. Ganbatte, ne