Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Saturday In The Park


Picnic is such a romantic idea in this city jungle. Green grass, blue sky, and happy people – that’s right, people. Thousands of people crammed into the same park, everyone with the very same romantic idea as you.

At first you get excited at the fresh smell of the soil, the dancing leaves of the tress, the size of the jumbo ants, etc. Practically everything in the park makes you go ooh and ahh.

But slowly you notice the uneven surface of the ground you are lying on, the blinding hot sunshine, the noise from all the kids and dogs around, etc. Then you start to miss your comfortable sofa at home.

Picnics in Tokyo are very different from those you imagine in the west. Basically they are just big outdoor parties here. Food is the main entertainment. Oh and of course people drink too. In fact, many get so pissed that they become comatose.

I love parties. And I love food. Give me a picnic anytime. But we have to be careful though. Too much nature a day is dangerous to our health!

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