Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Love Is A Battlefield

I am an idealist, a dreamer. Very often I wonder if I will ever have enough courage to love again, although everyone I know seems to have the same problem.

Deep down we all want that crazy little thing called love. But how many of us are willing to love - I mean, really love? To give all your heart and soul for the happiness of that special someone?

Unfortunately, nobody is that stupid anymore. It's survival instinct. You protect yourself first.

Many men have said they loved me. I usually asked why. And many times they told me that they loved me because they felt happy when they were with me. Of course it was a good reason. I am not looking for a masochist after all. But it always makes me wonder whether I will find a man who simply tells me that he loves me because he likes to see my smile and he will do everything to make me smile.

I know I am such a hopeless romantic. But I can't help it. It's the way I am. And I know that if I ever find that man, I will do everything to make him smile too. There, that's my definition of love.

But until then, I will just try to focus on loving myself!


Anonymous said...

we must find the way to be happy to love someone....
its not easy but its works..

Anonymous said...

Maybe he didn't say it, but you know he made you smile !!

professor usagi said...
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Grin said...

Altruism and Love are often labeled the same thing. However, not all altruism is based on love and not all love is altruistic.

I did a little bit of basic study on what love is. Here's a simple article I posted about my preliminary findings and understanding.

Basically, love is complex enough that if you ask ten different people what love is and get ten different answers, they could all be correct.

Do this exercise... Define what love is to YOU. Once you have that, tell your partner how you feel about what love is to you and ask them how they feel about what love is to them.

There is no CORRECT answer. If you know what love is to your partner, you can adjust what you do to grow that love. Hopefully your partner is willing and able to do the same.