Thursday, June 21, 2012

That’s Not My Name

Almost every week our diligent scientists alarm us of yet another brand new disease. I suppose that’s their job and besides, if you give a certain human disorder a catchy name, people can then start walking around sporting the very same disease like a badge of honor.

Of course I’m not promoting blissful ignorance, and I’m not a heartless bitch, not really. But I must say that we might all suffer from having one too many medical researchers nowadays.

Some may argue that we can only solve the problem when we properly identify it first. It’s probably true, but it also has the risk to blow things out of proportion and make the solving even more difficult.

Let’s face it, everybody is weird one way or another. Granted, there are patterns to some quirkiness, but can’t we just say, “Hmmm, she is quite a character.” or “Gee, he is certainly eccentric.” and leave it at that?

But then again, if those experts really need to label everything and don’t mind missing the perfect opportunity of naming the latest disease after themselves or something as bizarre, I suggest that we number the diseases like typhoons. It would save us the trouble remembering all the perplexing names too. And diseases could still be intelligently discussed, “Gosh, haven’t you heard? He has Syndrome Number 5, the poor fella!”

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