Friday, January 13, 2012

Bye Bye Love

I’ve heard my fair share of lame lines, but one of them is definitely unique to Japan and frequently used by western men here:

"I can go to Roppongi and get any girl for a one night stand, but look, why am I here with you? I want more too. I don’t want meaningless sex!”

So let's just get on with it and get down to business? Should I feel obliged to provide lots of meaningful sex simply because you go through all the trouble dinning with me even though we go Dutch?

We now live in the instant age. We drink instant coffee in the morning, eat instant noodles for lunch, and have instant love at night. It’s a fast moving world. Screw love and romance. Let’s take the shortcut to the bedroom (when in) or bathroom (when out).

Does the guy who pressures a girl into sex actually wonder if she is enjoying it? And does the girl who gives into pressure later resent it and stop seeing the guy even if he can care less? What gives these guys the sense of entitlement and think they can get whatever they want, whenever they want? Being white, or being rich, or both?

Seriously, how many dates should you go on before you expect to have sex? Personally I don’t expect, because it’s not something you sit down and plan for. The number of dates doesn't really matter either. But it’s essential to establish a good and solid connection first. And if you don’t have time for that, well, good bye and good luck.

Because, like you said, you can get any girl you want in Roppongi. You don’t need me.


Grinning said...

Anyone that ever uses that line is drunk, or stupid, and doesn't even believe it himself.

There are steps a guy needs to take to get to the final destination. Some guys that don't know the steps just throw out lines to as many girls as they can. Hetta na teppo. Eventually, they will hit a bulls-eye. The guys that use lines to get a girl are just playing the numbers. There's millions of girls out there, and some of them are already looking for their next heart break. Don't accept any lines. When you can talk to the guy naturally, not about sex, then you know he's good and looking for something, maybe a little more. Sex is something that just happens. It isn't supposed to be something that you feel pressured into. Any pressure? Time to open the valve and float away from him.

Great read. I am surprised to hear that some guys actually say lines like this. They really need some coaching.

professor usagi said...

Thanks! There are many other pathetic pickup lines. I will make a list next time! :)