Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mail Order Bride


Why do people look for marriage partners outside their countries? Is there really nobody local they find good enough to marry?

To answer these questions, we have to first look into the issue of yellow fever. Many of my male Caucasian friends have lived in Asia or dated Asian women. And after that, they are so spoilt that they just can't possibly go back to Caucasian women.

Their common argument is Asian girls have the family values that don't exist in the west anymore. Personally I think what they mean by “family values” is that the man is the most valuable in the family. I wonder why I have never heard any Asian girls consider Caucasian men excel at the "family values" thing.

Another popular belief is Asian women “keep” well. They usually look much younger than their age. It’s probably true. But unfortunately, I don’t think most Caucasian men have the same advantage.

Many of my friends also told me that Asian girls are more feminine and sexy. Well I happen to think Caucasian men are more masculine and sexy too, even if many of them suck at “family values” and some can look much older than their actual age.

I suppose that’s why we don’t see many Asian men looking for western women or vise versa.

However, international dating has many problems. Many on-line relationships fizzle out after a while, even before the first real date. And even if they manage to meet face to face, the next step will be a long-distance courtship, which has 99% chance of failing. And if miracle does happen and one party moves countries, there would be many potential problems such as cultural shock, language barrier, etc.

That’s it. To save everybody the trouble, I’m going to set up a mail-order bride business. I will be specialized in exporting Japanese women to any countries, no matter how remote they are. But of course it will cost more for places like Alaska or Asmara.

All my brides will have strong family values. They will look young, feminine and sexy. And I will also teach them English.

Sorry no refund, return, or exchange.

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professor usagi said...

This post has caused a lot of talk among my friends, mostly western males with various reasons why they prefer Asian girls. I've received many interesting messages. But hey, why don't you guys leave your comments here? Don't be shy now. I know you are definitely NOT!