Monday, January 23, 2012

Get My Party On

I don’t go out very often. I know it sounds antisocial, but I just like to stay in my own world at home. So last weekend was very unusual for me. I partied 3 nights in a row.

Friday night I went to friend’s gig at a pub. The singer has the perfect voice for rock, powerful and yet sensual. She had a bad cold that night but somehow she made magic happen while in pain and drugged with mucus meds, steroids and alcohol.

There were three photographer friends there and they are all married. I was watching one of them dancing with a young and cute girl with some bemusement when her friends dragged her away and told him that she had a boyfriend. I guess she was very drunk and forgot she was in a relationship too.

Some other guys also made the move on me, but I was very good at ignoring them now. Finally the man sitting behind me said, “Hey, everybody likes you!” I replied simply, “They like everybody!” I was just being realistic.

The next evening I went to a French friend’s birthday party. It was quite a sight with about 30 French people crammed up in his tiny Japanese flat smoking, drinking and laughing. Although they were all talking simultaneously, they seemed to understand each other anyway. Now just imagine a full house of sexy French accent!

The food was excellent, but I wasn’t really surprised since they were French after all. But I was very impressed by the restaurant quality Indonesian beef curry made by the host. Yum.

Finally, I had a Chinese New Year party in my place Sunday night. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of guests. More than 40 people turned up including Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Australians, Germans, Americans and French.

It was a potluck, so we had lots of food. We also made dumplings and kept eating the whole night, which happened to be the traditional way to celebrate Chinese New Year. The grand finale of the night was a beautiful strawberry cake made by a professional patissier who teaches at Le Cordon Bleu.

I think now I need the whole week to recover from all the excitement of the last weekend.

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