Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side

One of my American friends suggested that Japanese girls prefer Caucasian men because of their idea of western chivalry. So now I am wondering what has caused this illusion in Japan. Do we have to blame everything on Hollywood?

Another friend told me yesterday that she believed western men made better husbands. She is a single Japanese CPA in her early thirties. I just told her to wake up.

No disrespect to her father, but her belief is probably based on her observation of the older generation Japanese men. Or perhaps she has really watched too many Hollywood chick flicks in which the main male characters are usually depicted as devoted boyfriends or family men, hence the chick flicks – women’s fantasy.

Granted, Japanese men have their faults, but if Japanese in general have stronger family values, shouldn't that make Japanese men better husbands?

However, I am not surprised that Japanese women find Japanese men disappointing. Hey, it’s a worldwide dilemma women are facing now, not only in Japan. And I am sure men also feel unsatisfied with the women they manage to find around them.

Now let's talk business. If we’ve established that Japanese women prefer western men for whatever reasons, there must be a market for mail order grooms here in Japan. I’ve already got a partnership offer to set up this business of importing Caucasian husbands to Japan. Quality guaranteed. All inquiries and transactions are absolutely confidential.

I might just have to be the first customer of my new business after all. Then I can also proudly advertise, "I am not only the president, I am also a client."

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