Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hey Jealousy

Jealousy is an ugly emotion. So I try to trust. But sometimes I feel many men are showing no respect towards their partners by openly flirting with me.

When I question their behavior, I am usually labeled as an uptight killjoy. So I just ask if it's ok when their partners flirt with other men. And of course they all say it's not cool.

Isn't that funny though? If a woman accuses her partner of flirting with other women, she is usually considered insanely jealous. But if it's the other around, we often feel sorry for the poor man. And when a girl cheats, she is s slut. But when a guy cheats, he is just being a man and there is nothing wrong about it.

A friend of mine often has business trips. He once told me that his trips were always only for 2-3 days, so he had no reason to cheat. I wonder what he thinks if his wife claims she’s got no reason to cheat because he is away for only a few days. Let’s just pray that he never has to be away too long.

How unfair can that be? Do we give men such freedom simply because of the biological differences? Or are there any social/cultural reasons behind? Why is the Scarlet Letter only for women? What has caused this double standard?

Girls, let's flirt back! Especially if you are in a relationship! And come to think of it, why don't we make the first move and initiate the flirting? We can always tell our boyfriends or husbands later, "Stop being so jealous for crying out loud. I was just having a little harmless fun!"

Seriously, flirting is healthy. If your partner doesn’t respect you and flirts with the pretty waitress, why can’t you smile up to the handsome waiter and sweetly ask his name? It’s going to be the most exciting meal you’ll ever have, I promise.

Let’s all follow our animal instinct and flirt away!

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