Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ready Or Not

Men and women fall in love very differently, but both with their heads -- although different kind of head.

I had this debate with one of my scientist friends earlier today about love or more precisely, the way we fall in love. He believes humans should just be human and follow our animal instinct to love. But I think we should carefully choose whom to love first.

Ask all women, and you will get the same answer. The worst nightmare a woman can have is to be in love with the wrong man. Of course it’s probably true for some men too, but women tend to give everything when they fall and they put their men on top priority.

Well at least that’s what happens to me when I fall in love. So I usually try to be cautious. I have to be able to picture the future with someone before I allow myself to open my heart and anything else for that matter.

If a man tells me he is in no rush to find someone special, then I know that he is not ready for a serious relationship and he just needs friends. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I like to have friends too. The more the merrier.

If a man says he just wants love, but no commitment. I wish him luck. I’m sure there are many girls who can love without any committeemen too. But not me.

If a man says he needs more than one girl to make him happy, then I know he has different values from me and will not stay monogamous. It wouldn’t be fair, because I only need one man to be happy.

If a man is crazy enough to fall for me, and loses his mind completely to the extent to propose or at least show his intent to build something for the future, well, I will then seriously consider our expectations and evaluate the possibility of forming the partnership. Together we can slowly figure out if we can learn to love each other the way we want to be loved.

Sorry, I’m too serious even for my own liking. But really, give me one good reason why I should fall in love with a man just for the “love” sake?

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