Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love, You’re Just A Laugh

I just saw this on YouTube:

“Happiness can be elusive at times..i guess...lol”

But perhaps the only elusive thing here is wittiness, not happiness. I never understand why people add ”lol” at the end of their sentences. Is it just a nervous habit like clearing throat? Or is it just a way to say, "Look here, I have an excellent sense of humor too!" Or is it the self-depreciating charm they are so eager to show? See how humble I am! I can even laugh at my own expense.

If we laugh at our own jokes, does it make people want to join us? And why do we have to be funny anyway? People often describe themselves in their profiles as “with a good sense of humor.“ But I suspect these poor souls won’t be able to recognize humor even if it jumps up and bites them in the butt.

I’m not trying to say it’s bad or even wrong to say whatever you like. My blog is never about right or wrong. All I am doing is to provide an alternative perspective. And trust me, sometimes I don’t even believe in what I write. For example, when I implore Tokyo people to stop jumping rails and to find another way to die, do you really think I meant it?

And when my brainy friends blame me for not presenting the whole picture, I just tell them they’ve written too many research papers. Give me a break, why do I have to think for you? It’s a blog, not a textbook or a newspaper. And anyway, do you really think you can trust everything in a textbook or a newspaper? So no, please don’t feel that you have to agree with me. I will be more than happy if you disagree!

Now go ahead and add “lol” at the end of each sentence if you must. But just FYI, it can have the opposite effect to what you expect on some weird people like me, LOL!

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