Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Can’t Stop Talking About Him

How do you know if he is "the one", or a one-night stand? When do you tell yourself, yes, that's the one? When you first meet him, when you finally lose him, or somewhere in between?

I never know now. In fact, if I even start asking myself if he is the one, I am certain I will never love again, because I would be too busy finding all the reasons why he is not. And the more perfect he seems, the busier I get. I think they call it self-defense mechanism.

Of course the opposite can happen too. Many people now ask the question, "What did I ever see in that piece of work? So if the one you once believed to be the love of your life could turn into a real bitch or bastard, how could you ever trust your own judgment now?

My theory is, hmmmm, you are right, I quite possibly have a theory on everything, but hey, do you want to hear it or not?

Ok, my theory is we can all have many "the ones" in our lives. The one we had a crush on when we were in high school, the one we fell head over heels with after we landed our first job, or the one we spent the best of our past 2 years with. Mistakes or not, they lit up our lives however short the journey we shared was, became part of us, and made who we are now. 

But since I don't really fancy another mistake, I think now what I am going to do is insisting on not dating anyone I instinctively know is definitely not “the one,” no matter how much he cries or begs.

And if I meet someone who is my last thought every night and my first every morning, someone I can’t stop talking about during the day, then I will know he is “the one.”

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