Thursday, December 8, 2011

My House

We all get attached to something. Even monks have their favorite hugging pillows too.

I often find myself hopelessly attached to people, rather than things. But I don't get attached to places usually. I think that's why I keep wandering from country to country. 

Having said that, I think I have certainly developed a strong feeling towards my flat. It's much more than fondness, in fact, it's alarmingly closer to possessiveness. I am having a hard time selling it or even renting it out. I just can't imagine someone else cooking anything in my lovely kitchen.

You see, it’s like when you raise a puppy. I designed the floor plan and decorated the flat myself, from the switches, curtains, wallpaper, toilet to bathroom unit.

It's also very sunny and quiet, even though it's right in the center of Tokyo, with 7 convenience stores, 5 supermarkets, banks, post office, many restaurants, pubs, and shops, all in 2 minutes' walking distance. And most of all, it’s got loads of closet space for all my black dresses, leather jackets, mini-skirts, high-heels, and other junk.

But it’s not only my flat, I know I am also seriously attached to Tokyo. Being Asian myself, I am camouflaged nicely here, and I feel safely anonymous, while I always feel like an exotic bird among a herd of giraffes in most other countries I go to.

Hmmmm, it’s going to be tough to leave.

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