Sunday, December 4, 2011

You Couldn’t Be Cuter

Tokyo Motor Show is on now. Many people, OK I mean men, are there this very moment to see the cars and the babes. But seriously, I can never understand this. Look, give me your yellow Ferrari, and I will be your mid-life crisis!

One thing most guys don’t know is sports cars have ceased to be babe-magnets long ago. When women spot them now, we think Viagra. And the only attention they actually attract is from fellow men going through the same crisis. Hmmmm, it would be a bit confusing, but I am sure everything will work itself out.

And to make it even more interesting, mid-life crisis is not only for men anymore. More and more women start to feel it too. While a man’s mid-life crisis is said to be all about recovering his lost youth, a woman’s seems to be discovering her greatness. Personally I believe it’s just an excuse for having fun.

Traditionally people at certain age have fun by having affairs. And thanks to the Internet, you don’t have to wait for 7 years to have the itch now. You can have your mid-life crisis anytime you like, although nowadays you probably can’t afford to pay the bill from your divorce lawyer, even after you sell your yellow Ferrari.

So unless you are a divorce lawyer yourself, I suppose it’s not exactly ideal to have an affair. Plus, it’s so clichéd! I think what we need to do is to plan our mid-life crisis carefully, and be ready when it hits us one day. Develop a new hobby like belly dance or God, go and climb Mount Fuji every weekend, or start writing that novel you always promise you will one day, whatever makes you tick.

Hey, I can’t wait for my mid-life crisis to come!

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