Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shiny Happy People

It was a pleasant surprise last night that I managed to grab the last table at Faro Shiseido in Ginza. Now being the Christmas season in Tokyo, many people find it harder to get fed than to get laid.

The place is festively decorated with shinning happy people, including guests, waiters (hey did you see any waitresses there? I didn’t,) and French sommeliers.

I was given a discrete menu without any prices listed, so I decided to leave the ordering to the capable hands of my dinner companion. I couldn’t pronounce half of the stuff on the menu anyway. So there would have been no way for me to pretend to be pretentious, even if I had set my mind to.

After the wine was presented, admired, decanted, breathed, poured, tasted, and approved, I almost died from thirst, although I must say it was an excellent choice, and went right to my head through my empty stomach.

And then the dinner course started. The food kept coming, at one point I thought it would never stop. Everything was fantastic, salmon mousse, foie gras, grilled fish, steak fillet, pasta with black truffle sauce, oyster and spinach risotto, etc etc. Even my companion who has the pickiest tongue I know had to agree it was good, albeit reluctantly.

I successfully persuaded him to break the rule (that seems to be my role with anybody…) and share our food, which unfortunately earned us a lesson from one of the concerned sommeliers. But look, I really don’t mind making my taste buds totally confused, they are happy enough, thank you very much!

Although I love bread, I tried my best to stay away from many kinds of the delicious looking bread they offered. But even without the bread, I was stuffed. So I began to take pictures, which somehow helped my digestion.

When the dessert trolley came, miraculously my appetite returned. I treat deserts with reverence, I do. So no surprise it was the highlight of my evening. I probably had about 20 different kinds of sweets. Cake, tart, pie, cookie, candy, pudding, chocolate truffle, etc... you name it.

Of course it was a feast. But what made it wonderful was being with someone special. It was one of the best dinners I’ve ever had. Thank you, my friend.

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