Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bald Head

I always think Bruce Willis is very sexy, in a rough and rugged way. But if a man says he looks like Bruce Willis, I would be immediately on alert, although I have nothing against baldheads in general.

The reason is most bald men are not exactly as sexy as Bruce, but the worst thing is, they know it very well too! And this complex can be extremely difficult to deal with for their partners.

Personally I don’t find baldheads esthetically offensive, in fact, I can even appreciate the masculine beauty in them. But I definitely prefer men with at least 80% of their natural hair remaining intact on their heads.

On the other hand, women with bald heads can be devastatingly sexy. They are willingly bald, often very confident in their looks and they know without any hair, they can easily show off their delicate female face profiles to the best advantage.

But most of all, it’s their confidence which really illuminates their faces. The weird thing is, bald men seldom have this kind of confidence.

Once at a pub I frequent, I saw a female singer on stage singing Jazz in her raspy voice, a pint of Guinness in one hand and a fag in the other. I was amazed how she could manage so many things at once, singing, drinking, smoking and having occasional coughing fits, all simultaneously and effortlessly. She is completely bald and at the same time, radiant!

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