Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Autumn is early in Tokyo this year. We had a rather cold week, and now looking at all the fallen yellow leaves on the street makes me realize all over again how fast time flies by.

This time every year, cicadas scream louder, mosquitoes get hungrier, and everyone tries desperately to cling onto every last bit of summer they can have.

I used to love autumn, even though it can be quite sentimental. I suppose I just love the vibrant colors of autumn leave and the cooler and fresher air.

But now I adore summer. I can never have enough of summer! And this summer has almost disappeared when I still haven’t gone through my long list of summer fun.

Let’s see, hmmmmm, things I have accomplished:
-- Trying all the new flavors in Baskin Robins
-- Compiling the playlist “Songs For the Summer”
-- Dancing till I dropped at the club
-- BBQ-ing and stuffing myself nearly sick with different kinds of meat, meat and more meat

And things I still have to do before all the leaves on the trees are gone:
-- Wearing all my slutty summer dresses
-- Learning how to play (the piano) and sing the song “Summertime” simultaneously
-- Finding the prefect golden open-toed sandals with red soles and 5-inch heels
-- Going to a summer festival wearing a traditional Japanese yukata
-- Going to the beach to show off my new halter-top black bikini

Poor, busy me!

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