Monday, August 29, 2011

Coffee Song

Why does coffee smell especially good in the morning? I think we are all conditioned! I can't start my day without a cup of coffee first. I believe coffee wakes me up and keeps me going, although in the morning I move very slowly so I have to settle for instant coffee to kick-start my brain.

Many of my friends are coffee junkies. Their lives depend on the constant supply of coffee and they have to keep an emergency stack.

But coffee is not just a necessity. I enjoy the whole experience, from making a cup of coffee to slowly appreciating the smell, the taste, and watching the milk swirling in it. And combined with the sweets I love such as cakes, pies, tarts, chocolate, it’s definitely better than sex sometimes! Well, both are recreational anyway…

I guess that’s why coffee is often associated with having a break, especially when we are sick and tired of the faces of our coworkers.

Making coffee is an art. I am the proud owner of 3 coffee mills, an antique wooden thing, another a normal household appliance, and finally a high-tech, all-mighty tool that can grind a tree as well. I also have a traditional espresso machine and an electric one. And now I am thinking about buying a proper industrial machine!

The exciting part of making coffee is that the result is different every time, depending on how the beans are roasted, how fine you grind them, what equipment you choose to make the coffee, how hot the water is, etc. The final product is not just a simmering cup of coffee.

And next, how you drink it can also make a huge difference. Some people prefer it to look and taste like brown water, while others can only enjoy it bitter and strong. Some people add so much milk that they are actually drinking coffee-flavored milk. But other people like it black. And sugar? Cinnamon? Cocoa powder? There are simply too many variations!!

Personally I like it bitter and strong, but sometimes white and sometimes black, depending on my moods and what sweets I have with.

Of course coffee beans in Japan don't come cheap, like everything else here. But I am willing to sacrifice quantity for quality.

And anyway I have to be careful not to drink too much coffee since my body is highly sensitive to caffeine, which probably also explains why I like it so much.

Forbidden fruits are always the sweetest, aren't they???

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