Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Drama Queen


My life so far is way too dramatic even for a drama queen. I have had countless marriages proposals and 2 divorces already. Who knows, if I hurry up, I might even beat Elizabeth Taylor!

Do I look for thrill all the time? Well some of my disgruntled exes would certainly like to believe that I am simply addicted to making people fall in love with me, but I do fall in love sometimes too, although usually with the wrong guys.

Besides, I don’t “make” anyone fall in love with me. I don't have time for games. And one thing I insist in my pursuit of love is never to hurt anyone on purpose.

To be honest, I crave stability and simplicity, but somehow I find myself keep wandering, from place to place and from man to man.

When I hear declaration of love, I often can’t decide if I should be impressed or depressed. And when I am asked for my hand in marriage, I usually have to stall for an answer.

Thus I keep wandering, while wondering what’s wrong with me.

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