Thursday, August 18, 2011


It's now Obon holiday here in Japan. Many people are taking their summer holiday somewhere. So Tokyo is pleasantly empty at the moment.

There are no packed trains anymore and the air is somehow fresher. That's why I decided to stay in Tokyo this year, even though it's still depressingly hot every day!

And I am usually home, focus on eating ice cream and drinking lemonade, while enjoying the view of the blue sky and the chorus of cicadas from a safe distance and with the comfort of my Mac and iTunes.

Many of my friends are holidaying now, either at a crowded beach somewhere in Japan or back at their home countries visiting families.

I chatted to one of them on skype yesterday, a scientist on holiday. Usually he is terrifyingly sharp, but yesterday his skype chat was so slow that I almost fell asleep.

It seems his brains are also on holiday. I had to ask him if he was typing with his nose.

But actually I secretly envy him. I think I need a holiday just like that, giving my brains a desperately- needed, well-deserved break. Stop analyzing for once, and just eating, sleeping and resting like a baby elephant.

Now the question is, how long does my dream holiday have to be, for my brains to finally surrender and give up any thinking?

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