Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just Walking In The Rain

From about 3 years ago, we started to have torrential rain here in Tokyo every summer. They come suddenly and violently, overflow the rivers and flood the streets.

They can be very dangerous. Some city employees cleaning the sewers and school children playing at the riverside were flushed away in a flash.

I was trapped in a bus the other day during one of these storms. And the bus was trapped in the traffic.

Most people don't like rainy days. But I happen to love the sound of the rain. So I don't really mind.

Tokyo people are usually in a hurry for some reason, everybody rushes around purposefully and politely.

I watched my fellow passengers getting more and more agitated with every minute passed, and suddenly rememberd a Chinese poem about listening to the rain.

   While young I listened to the rain in the brothel.
   Beside a red candle, in a silk-curtained bed.
   In my prime I travelled and listened to the rain on the riverboat,
   Beneath the cloud where the wild geese cried,

   And the wind blew from the west.
   Now I listen to the rain in the temple and my hair has become gray.
   We meet and part with joy and sorrow, 

   Let the raindrops drip till tomorrow.

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