Monday, August 22, 2011

Something To Talk About

Why are boobs such a fascinating topic for men? Is it only because men don't have them???

Men study them privately, talk about them with their mates in the pub and sometimes they even discuss them openly.

Yesterday I happened to read a Facebook conversation between 2 guys, agreeing with each other how they despise women with padded bras.

Funny enough, it was not the first time I read about how men feel cheated by bra pads.

Now is it cheating? I suppose technically it is. But here in Japan, it is IMPOSSIBLE to buy padless bras!! And every bra you buy will come with 2 extra removable pads, in addition to the already heavily padded bra.

That's why whenever I travel abroad, I buy paddles bras. And of course I also collect lingerie for fun...

Seriously, I understand why men feel cheated, but then how about make-up, high-heels, nail polish and wigs?

Another thing is, men feel OK to openly discuss boobs and bras, but I’ve never read any open debate on FB about penises and men's underwear, not to mention men boobs, or “moobs” in short.

I think it’s high time someone started a talk on FB about the size of penises, the pros and cons of length vs. girth, and the benefits of boxers vs. briefs, etc!

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Peter said...

Had a facebook discussion with *my* friends about this, best answer was "Boxers. Unless one is working in an active environment, in which case briefs to hold the situation together is a better option." Unless you consider the answer of 'Lynne' - "Go commando" !