Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Food for Thot

I love food. Fantasize about it, look at it, smell it, choose it, , prepare it, cook it, and of course taste it, and eat it. Everything about it.

It's an essential part of our daily life, not to mention you are what you eat and blah blah blah, so why not make it into something special, even if it’s not anything spectacular?

Every country has its own food culture, but I think the 2 most popular cuisines in the world are Italian and Chinese, although probably just because Italians and Chinese are everywhere.

But if you are tired of pizza and pasta, or sweet and sour pork and lemon chicken, you can always go for something else.

For example, if you feel like stuffing yourself, you can either have Indian curry or American hamburgers. But if you prefer looking at half-empty plates and not eating, you can just sit elegantly and toy with some fancy French foie gras.

Thai food and Korean food are my favorites, because I love spicy food. I am one of the spicy food masochists, the spicier the better.

Of course for any cuisines, the tastes is the most important. But I also enjoy the whole presentation, especially in Japanese food. All the plates, bowls, chopsticks and the rests, their texture, whether it’s ceramic or wood, and all the rich but understated colors, it’s a visual feast on it’s own!

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