Thursday, September 8, 2011

Too Big

When you think of parks, you probably have something like Central Park or Hyde Park in mind. Well I tell you, most of the parks in Tokyo are technically a patch of grass with 1 or 2 under-nutritious tress, although some bigger ones are also equipped with a 6 tatami sized playground for children. 

They are more like left-over ambitions of the city developers and after- thoughts of the local governments.

But of course there are also a few real parks here, such as Ueno Park, Shinjuku Gyoen, Inokashira Park and so on, even though many of them are atcually home to the homeless at night. During the day you use the parks, and during the night they belong to the homeless, a very efficient way to share the parks, in my opinion.

Now what do people do in the park anyway? The real ones, I mean. Hmmmm, I suppose you can go for a walk, jog or picnic, and sometimes even a concert, art fair or jazz festival.

Many big parks have artificial lakes and you can also enjoy a boat ride there. But only the people in Japan have the privilege to take one of those swan-shaped white toy boats and see how slow you can row it around.

I think I will go to a park and see if there are some early autumn leaves, perhaps sometime next week when I suddenly feel charitable for the starving mosquitoes there.

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