Sunday, September 18, 2011


I didn't pay special attention to nails before, either mine or others'. But after I got divorced, the second time, I mean, I finally started painting my nails,  around the same time I had my ears pierced.

And of course I never wore high heels and mini skirts before, well OK that's a lie. Of course I was wild before too, but now my heels just get higher and my skirts shorter!

Now nails, oh I simply adore all those shiny, vivacious colors! Since it’s the school holiday now, I can look as slutty as I like! Bright red and glittering silver are my favs, although this metallic aqua blue I just discovered yesterday is going to look fantastic at the beach too!

But there is a huge price to pay if you want to keep the beautiful nails every girl envies and every guy admires. First, no housework! No, you need a maid or a very understanding man, preferably both. Second, no panty hoses or stockings, unless you have enough savings in the bank to have a brand new pair every single time.  And finally, no piano/cello/flute, etc. Forget them, you can’t play anymore, just enjoy listening now and be content,

Apart from nails, heels are also essential. We all know it’s impossible to find shoes that are both sexy and comfortable at the same time. Look, if any woman tells you otherwise, SHE IS LYING!

Men have no idea how much women sacrifice in order to look like a sex kitten for them. But how far will a girl go to please her man (without being paid)? Tell me, what have men ever done to look pretty for women?

Really, sometimes I feel all women are masochists and all men are sadists!

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