Monday, September 5, 2011

No Pressure Over Cappuccino

Do you like to sit at a café?

People go there for various reasons, to escape from the shoebox apartment you call home, to meet friends where you can both sit properly and comfortably, or to work/study/do something you have to force yourself to in a controlled environment.

I go there to watch people, and to be watched, I guess. But usually I prefer to sit at home and enjoy being antisocial.

There are very few outdoor cafes here in Tokyo, and you have to look for them very very carefully. Some people believe Asians simply don’t know how to relax and live. There is certainly some truth to it. You always see Japanese rushing around, lunching fast, and drinking hard.

Nobody likes to be considered lazy here. Eating and sleeping are many people’s only hobbies. Everything they do must have a purpose, usually to improve themselves or to pursue a better material life.

But how about the quality of life? Are they happy? Certainly not. But do they mind? I doubt.

How long can one last, being unhappy day after day? From this perspective, Asians are really quite tough. Most of them can go without any holidays for years. And even when they are on holiday, they are too busy taking photos or shopping. Why do people need to relax anyway?

Before I often felt ashamed when I had a “none-day,” doing absolutely nothing, just lazing around and vegetating.  But now I firmly believe I am entitled to my cappuccino time and I shall sip and chill as long as I like!

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