Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Travelling Mood

What do people take on the trip?

Once I landed in a city with a small handbag and a missing suitcase. 3 days later, I came to the conclusion that I had always over packed before.

It was such a liberating discovery, knowing a passport and a credit card are all I need. Since then, I've done quite a bit of solo backpacking.

Although now just in case, I also pack some extra contact lenses, earplugs, aspirins, and some clothes. Everything is in one small bag.

I always like global roaming. Even if it’s a shopping holiday, I just leave with an almost empty suitcase and come back with a full one. It’s funny how little I need when I am traveling and how much I want when I am not.

But business travel is a completely different story. I have no choice but to take a computer and its 20 or so arccosines, necessary and unnecessary documents, and all the other crap my boss asks me to. That’s the only time I can’t travel light.

So I really don’t understand how some of my friends can stuff their suitcases with emergency food on their trip. They take microwavable rice, cup noodles, canned fish, bottled water, etc. Seriously!

And they would consume everything by the end of their travel. It's probably one of the sweetest memories from their trip. 

Well I suppose we are all different!

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