Friday, September 9, 2011

Just Dance

I love dancing. And I don’t get why some people just can’t. I think they probably consider themselves too God-like to be fooling around like the ordinary beings.

But dancing is such a natural way to give your body the freedom to express itself, a bit like when you jump up and down with joy, which is actually a kind of dance too, I suppose.

Do you sometimes start whistling or humming some tunes, and you don’t even notice you are doing it at first? Singing is also another outlet of our emotions, even if we are completely tone-deaf.

Everyone has music in them, although not all of us allow ourselves to hear it. But once we open up our mind, our body will follow. It doesn’t matter if our dance hurts people’s eyes and our singing causes physical pain in their ears.

Some people can dance to any music, because they just enjoy moving their bodies, I guess. But mine freezes when the music is not danceable by my standard. I know, I am such a music snob!

I am at my happiest when I dance to the music I like, completely wrapped in my own world, somewhere nobody can get in and tell me what to do and what not. But I also enjoy social dance, especially waltz or my beloved tango, though it’s extremely difficult to find the right partner to dance with.

There are many dance clubs here in Tokyo. Even though I am not the clubbing type, I go there from time to time, when my feet get itchy for it. But so far I still haven’t found any club that can keep me on the dance floor all night.

Maybe I should just stay home tonight and dance in front of my bedroom mirror again!

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