Sunday, September 4, 2011

Let's Do It

The other day I was sitting at Starbucks when I noticed I was the only person there dressed in colors other than black, white, or beige. Everybody was wearing something in monotone, not even checks or stripes, except me! I looked down at my bright green/yellow flora printed dress, and started wondering why.

I like to be different, but I don't need to. In fact, I become self-conscious, grumpy or annoyed when I am stared at, depending on how aggressively the stare is.

But Japanese will do everything in order NOT to stand out. Their life goal is to blend in and get accepted as a member of the team, should it be school, company, PTA meeting, residence council, whatever.

They are so afraid to be different that they have to dress the same, behave the same, and even think the same. That's how pathetic it is!

Of course I can see the advantage to be anonymous and I also like to hide in the crowd too. But I will damn wear any vivid, vulgar, or even violent colors whenever and wherever I feel like it!

Now why do people prefer to stay invisible? Why is it so important for Japanese not to draw attention? In order to commit adultery, shoplifting, pick pocketing, or other petty crimes?

I believe the answer is very simple. They are just afraid of making mistakes, which is also the reason why they still can’t speak English after studying it every day for 6 years.

I say, let’s make tons of mistakes, let’s stand out, and let’s just do it. 

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