Monday, November 21, 2011

Eyes Like Yours

The first thing I see in a guy is his eyes. All right, I lied. It’s the second thing, after I check his build.

You can see a lot in people’s eyes, soul and all. But the most beautiful eyes are babies', because there is no anger, sadness, greed, or any emotional crap there, yet.

That’s why staring deeply into someone’s eyes can be a really scary trip. You might find something extremely unsavory or sometimes, very rarely in fact, something unexpectedly pure and clear.

It can be quite daunting too because you could stumble upon a kindred spirit, strike a chord and suddenly both of you burst into tears, which happened to me once or twice before. They could be your soul mates, even if not life partners.

The safest way is to look but not really look, if you know what I mean. In other words, just switch your eyes off.

But if you are brave enough to make a real connection, keep looking and one day you will probably find something so beautiful that you won’t be able to take your eyes off ever again. One thing though, you might need a pair of penetrating eyes sometimes, because clever people guard their heart and soul, and eyes!

Although I am certainly not clever and I’ve got nothing to guard, I usually try to be extra careful because I have been accused of possessing this absurd “eye power” quite a few times before. And I would hate to make people cry every time I look at them.  So before I go out, I always remember to turn my eyes off, along with all the lights at home.

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