Monday, November 28, 2011


Autumn comes late to Tokyo this year. I had a lovely afternoon the other day looking at the still stubbornly green leaves of Ginko trees at Omotesando. It was a gorgeous autumn day, and I had a wonderful time walking around in the warm sun, having bizarrely sweet Thai green curry at the food fair, then sitting at an outdoor cafe and enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend.

What else can a girl want? I am truly grateful. I don't need much to be happy. Having a day like that once in a while is enough to make me feel content and at peace.

Right, I am not jumping up and down with ecstasy, but how do you define happiness anyway? Many people believe security can bring happiness, especially financial security. But when they are busy securing their future, they can easily forget to live now.

Others believe freedom can give them happiness. But I wonder why they feel imprisoned now. And I also wonder if the total freedom is nothing but a blessing in disguise.

Many women have the fantasy that love will bring them happiness. But believe me, love is a double-edged sword. When love is your only source of happiness, it can also cut you deep when you lose it.

What makes me happy now is the small things in life. I have learned not to ask too much, and simply appreciate what I have now. Of course I knew the leaves the other day hadn’t reached their prime golden stage yet. But I was happy nonetheless, because the half green, half yellow leaves were just as spectacular. 

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