Friday, November 18, 2011

You Keep Me Hanging On

According to Urban Dictionary, a cocktease is a girl who is flirtatious, although pretending it is only innocent behavior. She gets men to spend a lot of money for the prospect of sex, and when they are turned on and make the first move, she abruptly turns them down.

I confess I’ve been called that several times before, but I don’t feel the need to defend myself. It’s just funny that some men could be so single-minded.

Now imagine this:

Nancy: Wow this guy is so hot. His jeans are real tight. Uhhhh look at those muscles! And guess what, I just bought him a drink, and he kissed me! He even let me rub his shoulders!! I think I am going to faint!!!

Becky: He totally wants you, girl. Oh look, he is smiling at you now. Go for it!

Nancy: Hello again handsome, wanna go back to my place for coffee?

Tom: Ehhhh, sorry honey I can’t, my cat is sick.

Becky: I can’t believe he said no! Such a jerk! Leading you on all night like that and making you pay for his drink!

Nancy: Yah!

Granted, most guys will probably jump at the opportunity, but what if you just don’t feel like it that night? Are you going to have the “coffee” anyway just to defend your honor, or are you going to risk being called, what now??

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