Monday, November 14, 2011

I Do

The third and final part of the day was the “second party” in a trendy restaurant where basically anyone could just walk in. I was exhausted by then, but also very glad that I didn’t have any weddings myself, even if I could look as stunning as the bride for just one day.

Oh no, I simply won’t survive. I think you have to be extremely fit both mentally and physically to have a proper wedding. But it might be a good thing after all. Any couple who can go through that together will certainly stick forever!

I finally got to talk to the newly-weds a bit at the second party and started to understand why they chose to have a traditional Japanese wedding, instead of a fake church wedding which is far more popular here in Japan. They obviously still believe in family and tradition, which is very rare to see nowadays.

Having experienced myself and also seen so many tragic endings of marriages, you would think I am too cynical to believe in fairy tales now. But somehow I know this time this extraordinary couple will be all right, perhaps it’s the way their friends smiled at them in tears, or perhaps it’s how much time, effort and love they have put into the preparation for their special day to mark the beginning of their new lives together.

Thank you guys, for making me believe again. Sorry, I think I will finally cry now!

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