Tuesday, November 22, 2011



I know some women don't mind, but I’ve had enough of husband sharing, mine or others’, even though I think I am quite generous.

Unknowingly I shared my husband with many other women before, and I tell you, it is not really my idea of fun. So I imagine other women would hate to share theirs too.

Even if the men are separated or in the process of divorce, they are simply not ready for any serious commitments. They are in no position to offer anyone the emotional security we usually expect from a stable relationship.

Many men resist the idea of divorce due to the fear of losing the children or the house, and they put off the divorce indefinitely because they don't feel the need to, they believe they will never marry again. So why bother?

And even if they are in the process of divorce, it’s still unfair to spread their anxiety and stress to anyone else, especially the person they think they are now in love with.

But with or without the intent to divorce, all of them are not ready both legally and emotionally. It doesn’t matter how many years they have been considering themselves divorced already. They are just NOT free to date again, even if they think they are.

Believe me, I've been there too. It's completely different. I was overwhelmed with the freedom I felt when I actually had my divorces finalized.

"Divorced" is not what you believe or how you feel, it’s a piece of legal paper. And it doesn't just happen even if you have successfully convinced yourself.

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