Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Marry You

I have lost count of how many times I have been proposed to, but as far as I can remember, only 2 gentlemen had the ring ready at the time of the proposal. 

You see, I don't really understand how a man can even propose without a ring. If he thinks she isn't worth the risk of buying a proper ring, how can she risk saying yes to spending the rest of her life with him?

And if he only proposes on impulse, does he also expect her to say yes on impulse? What’s next then, divorce on impulse?

“Darling, it’s sunny today, shall we just go and tie the knot?” or “Honey, it’s absolutely pouring outside, perfect day for a divorce, don’t you think?”

I had some Skype proposals from guys I had never met before. Oh no I know exactly what you are thinking now. But I tell you, they were dead serious, they truly believed they were in love, even though love and marriage are 2 different things.

And girls, be careful when a man says, "Would you let me take care of you forever?" He is married, trust me. I almost fell for that once.

Many men seem to believe women prefer the big gestures when it comes to propose. But personally I like it simple, in fact, I like everything simple, understated, but from the heart.

OK, I admit I am old-fashioned, which also brings me to my final point: I don’t think women should propose. It’s men’s job, in my opinion. But of course there are always exceptions. With more and more herbivore men in Japan, I am sure women will have to adapt. The question now is, should women propose with a ring too?

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